Featured Programs

Below are a few of  the programs that are currently being offered.  You can contact Tawanna to tailor any of the programs to your desired topic or audience.


Are You a Fearless Leader?

They don't call me The Fear Busting Advancement Coach for nothing!  My specialty is helping you move past your fears to advance your life to the next level, both personally and professionally.  Don't let fear hold you back, take control now.  Be the fearless leader you were meant to be.


So, You Want to be a Speaker?

Want a career in training or public speaking? In this propram you will learn the tools and techniques needed to lead successful public speaking events or top notch trainings. You'll learn various styles and approaches to utilize that will have the greatest impact.


Whether you are a novice or experienced, this is for you.


Communicate Like a Boss!

In this program  we examine the various communication styles individuals in the workplace exhibit on a daily basis and what messages it conveys in order to be a more effective communicator to help move you further in your career.


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