Most Common FAQ's

Not sure you're ready for a public speaking coach? These FAQ's will explain the prcess and what it's like towork with a coach like me:


1. Who should get public speaking coaching?

Anyone who wants to speak in public  with more confidence, authority, success, and ease.


2. What can I expect from public speaking coaching?

I can promise that you’ll view yourself, your audience, and the process of communicating with them in a new, more realistic, and more effective way.  You will also know how to work steadily toward a time when speaking in front of others is easier and, dare I suggest this, even fun.


3. How many sessions do I need?

That depends on your needs, your current skill level, and the amount of time you’re able to spend practicing between sessions.  I offer a multi tier approach and you can choose which level best fits your needs and budget.


4. What does a typical session look like?

It’s individualized, hands-on, and always about what you need. I have a weekly schedule that will be provided to you.  There are practices intertwined with the lesson plan.


5. What are your rates?

I have a various tiers avaialble and each tier differ in rates so you have the flexibility to choose what best fits you.


6. What kinds of presentation and public speaking challenges can you help me with?

I can help you improve any spoken communications.  The list  includes things like:


  •  Creating a speech that’s easy and fun to deliver;
  •  Making your message strong and clear;
  • Developing your most powerful public speaking style;
  • Overcoming fear of public speaking.


7. Can I work with you via Skype?

Absolutely, yes.  Skype is a free and flexible way for us to “meet” in person.  It’s also great for follow-up sessions, and for most types of speaking coaching challenges.  We conduct all of our sessions via Skype.


10. Should I videotape myself giving a speech as practice?

If you’re one of those rare people who can watch themselves with equanimity, it probably won’t hurt.  But in general, I believe that the question to ask is not, “How do I look?” but rather “How is my audience reacting to my ideas?” and video feedback won’t help you with that.


11. How can I eliminate my accent?

 I don’t provide accent reduction because I believe that if you articulate clearly, organize your thoughts well, and make sure your audience is tracking with you, point by point, your accent will not be a problem.


12. Can you help me improve my interviewing skills?

Yes.  I have many clients who are job seekers, and helping them land a position or promotion is one of my favorite things.  


13.  Is public speaking coaching going to turn me into a stiff, a suit, or a talking head?

No, just the opposite.  Speaker coaching is going to free you to be more fully yourself.  That’s because, when you know what you’re doing and how to do it successfully, you won’t panic, or hide behind an inert facade.  You’ll just do the job—well.


14. Is speaker coaching like therapy?

No, but speaker coaching isn’t all about technique either.  When you stand in front of a group of people with nothing between you and them except a podium you’re likely to have some uncomfortable feelings.  So yes, we’re going to talk about that; but there’s no couch involved.

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